Best Live TV Apps for Android – Get Hooked on Your Latest Shows

The life of people today is not that easy and is really fast paced and tedious. Long travel to work, by means of trains, cars, buses, motor bikes and what not. A lot of people are busy in the daily schedule that they have which is just going to office and coming home. In the process, they often miss their favorite and desired shows and movies that they once liked to watch and were hooked up on. Therefore, Android has come up with a wide variety of live video streaming apps, which are going to provide you the latest TV shows and movies on your Android phone, tablets, and other gadgets that too for free.

Everyone in today’s world enjoys movies, shows, videos, and a lot more on the go when they are traveling. To enable them to do all this on the run, there are several Live TV apps available on all the marketplaces. Android offers many such applications both free as well as paid. Some of these applications have been aligned by us especially for you to have fun watching you favorites.

LiveStream TV

With this app, you can use the Chromecast to enjoy live TV on your large screen TV sets. It offers around 300 standard high-quality channels to choose from. It also presents a valuable collection of sports channels for free.


This application offers a really good user interface and a wholesome number of channels that the users can view and relish. The variety of content it offers will keep entertained for long hours without any problem. Enjoy fairly fast streaming doesn’t let you face any fuss while watching the videos.


This app offers a suitable catch-up TV mode, which permits you to watch the shows that have already been aired as easily as it can get. Though it doesn’t present a full collection of TV channels, still there is ample variety on this app. This application offers several Indian languages that it isn’t rather impossible to house each channel on a particular application.


This application provides over 200 channels to watch a variety of TV shows. It is fairly easy to navigate within the app as the interface is accurately designed. You can view everything from sports to TV shows and from news to kid’s shows, everything is available.

So, these were some of the best Android apps that can provide lots of entertainment and fun moments while watching your favorite shows.

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